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         Serving the community and restoring lives through acts of                                         Compassion, Love, and Justice



SKY URBAN INSTITUTE – SKY Urban is the leading voice in equipping and empowering individuals with the tools necessary to transform their lives. Through various forums, we address the holistic needs of individuals spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Each component of SKY is interconnected in creating solutions in the lives of people and the community.



SKY Urban Empowerment and Transformation Center

Instilling Values, Creating New Possibilities, Transforming Lives.

A component of the organization that entails a variety of programs, ministries, and forums that empowers those we serve to live to their greatest potential.  The vision and mission are urban focus to meet the diverse needs of the community from many different perspectives engaging community partners in accomplishing our mission as we serve. 



                           We accomplish our mission through:


  • Hope Connection and Solution Life Center

  • Social, Racial Equity, and Justice Engagement

  • Higher Level Empowerment Center –Leadership, Training, and workshops

  • New Possibilities Youth Leadership and Development    

        Social, Racial Equity, and Justice Engagement and Outreach

  • Renton King county Alliance for Justice (Black Alliance for Racial Equity and Justice) A coalition of community organizations and leaders united- To Amplify, Elevate and Stand in solidarity raising our voices with those who are suffering injustices, structural racism, and inequities by creating actions to eradicate injustices and creating equities for all.



  • RAAP – Renton African American Pastoral Group - A partnership between the City of Renton and Renton African American Pastoral Group.​​



  • ​A Village of Hope – In partnership with the city government, social service agencies, and faith communities. Providing safe and dignified resources for the underserved in need of emotional, mental, physical, and holistic support as they transition into affordable, sustainable long-term housing.



  • RAC – Renton Anti-racism Coalition is to create a community of diverse organizations collaborating to advance the Anti-Racist work of equity and justice for the Blacks, Indigenous and People of Color through advocacy, activism, and resources to ensure equitable in education, economics, health, job opportunities, housing, homelessness, small business, etc.

Community Healing Circle  - To Be Heard, Healed and Find  Hope Community healing is so important if we are to thrive as individuals and as a community. All our work must  have a trauma healing component consisting of  redemptive, restorative and reparation process integrated  otherwise we will carry the trauma of our pain from our past into the world, into the next generation and  into the future. This is necessary  to reduce violence and promote healing .

  • Violence often leads to trauma and in turn , unhealed trauma can lead to further division, violence and loss of security in personal lives and the community.

  • Unaddressed trauma is always finding an opportunity to rise in us inflicting more harm.

  • Unaddressed trauma causes more hurt and harm and prevent healing.

When we go a step beyond awareness and learn to address current, transgenerational, and historical trauma, we tap into the potential to heal wounds and transforms individuals, communities and societies.  We enhance our ability to think creatively, respond compassionately and work collaboratively for the good of all. We connect to our innate resilience.

Through Storytelling in community circle  -  Our work is focus on Awakening, Acceptance, Assessment, Action, and Activation…the pathway to healing and hope. 

                              SKY URBAN INSTITUTE


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